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I tried to play a part of it! I think it took me 3-4 hours to even be able to play this and I think I wasn't looking at the paper because I had it memorized HAHA But the ending was kinda sucky because after 3-4 hours, it was the first time I ever got to it ROFL This is only section A! I'm gonna try to do a part every night or something :) I'm surprised I was able to memorize this haha My favorite part is the third movement in it....

Hahaha so 3-4 hours for a barely minute clip... go figure :P

And yes, I heard it from Can You Hear My Heart HAHAHAH Lemme just say that my left hand is incredibly slower than my right hand so that's why I messed up a lot in the 3-4 hours I was playing... GAH D: lol
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