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I am sure there are a billion posts of these online already but I just HAD to write my account for my own records, just like I did for MatsuJun :)

So many of you guys know I just started school and couldn't just skip Thursday because it was the first day of my T/TH classes but a part of me wishes I did... You'll see why. But will skip my school day and go to when we were on our way to Hollywood :D

The ride up to San Pedro ended up being very short. I was super surprised. We, [ profile] darjeeling , [ profile] sandsea , and I make it to [ profile] poof82739 's house. I wanted to go right away but we talk for a bit and were making plans with [ profile] ivanlouis to meet up there. A little bit after it was 3 we were on our way, first we had to pick up [ profile] poof82739 's friend.

After doing that we were on our way to the theater. Unfortunately since we're not from the LA area, and no GPS D: we kinda missed the turn because the highway was barely marked D: so we had to turn around. At that time my I started clock-watching and was getting all @_@ about it and I'm sure all the people in the car could feel it rofl!

Anyway, [ profile] ivanlouis then calls me saying people were starting to take pictures and there was a LIMO! At the time he was driving past the theater for parking; so when I heard that I think I got overwhelmed and you can hear in my voice I was going to cry lol [ profile] poof82739 was telling me I needed to stop talking on the phone because she can tell I was going to cry hahahaha

After that we were making it alright and exited off the highway. And then as the dern green light took forever to...turn green XD I think the fact that I was going to see Nino overwhelmed me and I started not being able to breathe lol tbh it was the funniest thing ever XD

After we find the place and after we parked, for once I was actually walking really fast to get there. At first I thought it was the Chinese Theater that was outside if the parking area and we ended up following these two ladies speaking Japanese hahahah but when we got to the theater I was like O.O because there was tourist but not people that were goin to watch the movie. So I called [ profile] ivanlouis and it was funny because I was like "Inside?" and the two ladies heard me and started followings hahahahha but apparently it was the theater that was inside the parking area, it's like a mall but not too many stores.

And so when we got to the theater here was a mini line and I was like snjfjdkandh but saw [ profile] ivanlouis at the end so I was like whew ok XD we all got our tickets and a movie poster *_____* (hanging in my room right now) and then went to the end of the line where they took the lil tickets (I wanted to keep it :[) for A SHIRT!!!! (I'm wearing it right now rofl).

Unfortunately most of the good seats were taken and we were sitting almost all the way to the top on the left side. But lemme tell you later on I was glad for those seats XDDD

So we were all settling down and [ profile] poof82739 got separated from us but was closer to the stage and I told [ profile] ivanlouis and [ profile] darjeeling that I wanted to switch spots with [ profile] poof82739 because she was closer to Nino hahaha

They were showing some movie previews on the screen so I also got to see Sho cuz of Honey and Clover lol I was like SHOOOOO (for once :P) lol then Promptly at 5 the MC came up and introduced... MATSUYAMA KENICHI AND... *plays the intense GANTZ music* NINOMIYA KAZUNARI... and cue... Me jumping outta my seat like no other and in the process actually hitting [ profile] darjeeling s shoulder hahaha I was like KFJGJDKFNFODHSHSNDJFP And [ profile] ivanlouis and I were like AHHHH NINOOOOOO DIFJKFJDJDJ *______* hahahaha I think I even went back and was kneeling on the floor because I was like ;___; "Nino sooo close ;_;" haha

After Nino and haha MatsuKen gave greetings in English and Japanese they started the movie XDDD and lemme tell you.. THE MOVIE WAS SO AWESOME!!! I didn't know what I was about but I enjoyed it vey much :)))))

Some things in the movie
^ When the movie started and you hear the English, you can hear everyone go "Awwww"
^ When the camera panned across the actor that played as Nishi(?) you can hear a collective *gasp* hahaha
^ When they showed the chibi!picture of Nino in the yearbook it was like "!!!!" from everyone XD They even talk about it during the interview <3

And that's it for the movie because I don't want to spoil for those that didn't see it but NINO IN GANTZ OUTFIT WAS JRJRJTJFNNFKEMSKJJCJJcjdjzkkdufjxjjs lol

After the movie and the MC guy came back he called Nino and MatsuKen to come back and homg I flipped out, which in my audio you can hear because... NINO AND MATSUKEN WERE SITTING SO CLOSE TO ME (not like right next to me but CLOSE ENOUGH) that I wanted to dieeeeeee!!!! LOL During the interview, everything that Nino had done I was like *giggle* or like HOMG <3333 haha esp when he laughed and slapped his side. Did I imagine that? I hope not cuz I was like *_* when he did that. And then when he hid behind MatsuKen during the question if he was really in GANTZ what would he do... I WAS LIKE OMGGG ILU SO MUCH!!! He disappeared behing MatsuKen hahaha so small!!!! <33333

After the interview they said that the cameras will now be off and we can all be friends and I was like *_* HAHA and the fans got to ask a few more questions and gahhhh it was so great! Then they got into the audience and took a picture :DDD Sadly I was all the way to the top so I'm probably not shown ;_; but it's ok :DDDDDD Right now I'm stalling while my pictures upload :DDD

I think at one point people start screaming "Arashi!" And Nino jumped back hahaha <333 I THINK he jumped, I'm sure he reacted but not sure if it's cuz they said "Arashi" or just because they were screaming ROFL! 

My favorite part was when Nino was talking about a scene about MatsuKen and the interperter laughed and Nino jumped back and pointed at him HAH <333 Ohhh Nino's interpreter, he was [ profile] ivanlouis 's teacher from Uni *___________* *

Picture time!


* Sigh* He's so close but so far!!! Stupid cellphone camera!


:))) MatsuKen and his long speeches HAHAHA


Wahhh!!!! I look so tired! I was up since 6 lol
[ profile] ivanlouis, [ profile] sweetpniangel87 /[ profile] rosevic87 (Yes! I'm the lil butterball!), [ profile] poof82739, [ profile] sandsea, and [ profile] darjeeling 


Yayyyy!!!![ profile] sandsea & [ profile] sweetpniangel87/[ profile] rosevic87 


:D My room!


Free poster *_*



password: ninooooo

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