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So I've finally come to the conclusion of selling most of my JE items. Why? *sigh* Stupid credit card bill getting too high, need some other way of paying it off besides my job that pays nothing$8/hr.


&; KANJANI8 Kan Fu Fighting (Yellow wristband included) $15.00
&; KANJANI8 Zukkoke Otokomichi (minus poster that came with it) $12.00
&; NEWS Taiyou no Namida (Never been opened; but sticker to bottom left is coming off) $20.00


&; KANJANI8 F.T.O. (case broken; will replace) $30.00$20.00
&; NEWS Hoshi wo Mezashite $12.00

This is complete; nothing was torn out.

Seventenn; Vol. 25 9/15 Featuring Yamashita Tomohisa in Okinawa $12.00



&; Yamashita Tomohisa & Koyama Keiichiro
Price: $2.00/each - all come with protector.


&; Nishikido Ryo No. 020
&; Nishikido Ryo No. 080
&; Nishikido Ryo No. 070
&; Nishikido Ryo No. 041
&; Nishikido Ryo No. 012 reprint?
&; Yamashita Tomohisa No. 018
Price: $1.00/each

Most of the items are of clippings from magazines because I tried getting just Arashi and sometimes NEWS or mostly Nishikido Ryo and sometimes Yokoyama Yuu so I tore apart my magazines ^^; But most are in excellent condition XD



&; NEWS/KAT-TUN $3.00

Condition: Good, some wrinkles and on KAT-TUN side, tape was used but taken off with out much marks, just faded a bit.

&; Hey!Say!JUMP 2008.4-2009.3 Calendar $3.00
Condition: Very good.

Payments & shipping
- I accept Paypal or (at your own risk) Concealed Cash/Money Order
- Paypal = over $20 please
- Shipping determined by your zip code; I live in the US

If you are interested or want more info/better pictures of whatever items, leave a comment. All comments are screened.

There's more clippings but I have to scan or take pictures of them...too many so that might be in a separate post A LOT OF HSJ
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