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This video clip was way overdue in releasing. It's been uploaded for some time now and I just never got around to releasing it. I'm not too sure where to post it on LJ so I'll just do it here on my LJ to promote it ROFL I totally LOVED it LOL

(Clickkk ^)

It's really funny and if you're a fan of his, it's quite funny to see him fanboy for Arashi; especially if the song is KITTO DAIJOUBU and then SakuRap :D I had loads of fun just adding the subs. Of course since he kind of talks to fast for me, there's like lines that might not match EXACTLY with what he said, but still, it's very close ^^

Hmmm so my Filipino class is already super interested LOL! And then we have a paper due FRIDAY, it's a research paper on the Philippines haha I need to do that tonight because tomorrow I have work lol And then like we have this group project and like I'm so excited, because I really wanna do the video editing ;) It's gonna be so awesomeeee ;)

I was looking for my classes in the Fall (Aug - Dec!), and I've pretty much decided on the classes >.<
7-8 classes for Fall!!! =/

♥ 8-950: Musicanship for General Elementary Teachers HOMG SO EARLY!
♥ 930-1050: Introduction to Literature (^^;; I basically Failed my other one cuz I stopped going ~baka~)
♥ Night: Filipino 130 Unsure because it'll be right with my Church activities ^^;; Might have to transfer to NC

Then I can work from 12 to 5 again ^_^v

♥ 8-915: Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 1 SO EARLY!
♥ 930-1045: World Regional Geography
♥ 1200-215: Children's Mathematical Thinking

I can keep my work schedule for these two days ^^ From at least 4 to closing ^_^v

♥(First half) American Civilization 1
♥(Second half) American Civilization 2

Then in the Spring, I really need to take three classes, and possible make up one of my classes ^^;;
♥ Introduction to the Physical Science aka Physics
♥ Physical Education for Elementary School
♥ Principles of Biology + Lab
x Multicultural Literature Need to Make-Up

And I'm pretty much done here at the community level so next year, hopefully I can transfer to SDSU or something like that. I know by next year I should have graduated, but some people change their majors ya'kno and things delay, and others are just lazy ^^;; So hopefully by the time I'm 25 I'm teaching in Japan? HAHAHA Idk we'll see ^^v

Well I gotta get ready for Church now so BAY ROFL JK

Remind self to talk to counselor about making up classes.
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