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But by the third time, I had said he was now my favorite JE guy XD

Before I get to that, I wasn't feeling so well this morning, I actually wasn't feeling too well. I had a bloody nose during Church, I was in the choir loft so *terrrrible* and then when I got home I was all throwing up, but I was still determined to go!

So when we go there it was nearly two and I found where that Arashi fan meet up group was and they gave me my badge (awesomeee) and then they told me to stay with them since the line was pretty LONG.

HOWEVER, they had decided to split the groups: those who reserved and those who didn't...guess which group I was in... Well *hint* When asked, "Who didn't RSVP" I was the ONLY one who RAISED her hand T_T I was like O_O and I started tear up ahha but I decided to wait in the Standby line.

Took it from my cellphone lol

from [ profile] poof82739 camera

I ended up talking with these two girls, Rika and Diana, and like then [ profile] poof82739 came and we became 4 (we're important to the story ;D hahahah jk) I had mentioned that if I didn't get in, I would still probably die if I saw his HAIR XDDDD

#1. And then all of a sudden the lines stopped moving and nobody was getting inside (meaning we weren't anymore either because there was still a handful of RSVPers) the building when one of these girls, she was wearing those 24 hour Terebi shirts that OHNO had designed and pointed to our RIGHT and there was... MATSUJUN I was utterly speechless (if you know me, you know I don't shut up) and we started to clip and then I was like *____* He looked really really really GOOD! I was like "FLAWLESS SKIN?! PERFECT HAIR?! HIS CLOTHES? HE WAS HELLLLLA SKINNY!!! ♥" And I utterly melted then all of a sudden he looks towards where I was and smiled and waved and I was like O.O and then when he went inside and everyone was all chatter and then the girl with the shirt was like "HE POINTED TO MY SHIRT AND WAVED" I was like :) because I was standing next to her (I'm not quoting directly because I've forgotten) XD *so awesomeeee* He looked really good...then I realized I didn't check his shoes.. T__T (I don't like his pointy shoes xD)

#2. Since I didn't get in, I was supposed to call my parents and tell them, but I decided to wait with [ profile] poof82739 and Rika and Diana, and another girl joined us (gotta find her on LJ ;]) and we were just talking about it. I was like "HE'S SOOO SKINNY!!!" While we chatted and stuff, Diana gets up and goes "MATSUJUN and we turned and sure enough, he was coming back outside (this was less than hour after the first sighting) and we all stood up. I didn't really see his face this ime, but I saw his hair and was like "GAH SO PERFECT!!!" And then I looked at teh shoes and was like O.O They weren't pointy shoes but more like...those black vans and looked kind of worn out meaning he uses it alot but I was like "I LIKE HIS SHOESSS" And then just for fun I was ilke *hehehe "LOOK AT HIS BUTT" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm not like that, I PROMISE and they were laughing cuz it's sooo small --- HE'S HELLA SMALL/SKINNY BUT SO PERFECT!!! But I was wondering why he didn't stay when Diana says how some actors don't like to watch their own movie so they leave and then come back >.<

#3. And then we got our chairs taken away so we moved to like bench areas where we were just talking about music, dramas, etc. whennnnn she notices MATSUJUN coming back and I was like *quickkkkk pictureeee!!!* and [ profile] poof82739 handed her camera to me but I was scared/nervous/excited I ended up getting the ground which was stillll blurry!!! HAHAH and then Diana bows and said "Ganbatte" to MATSUJUN and he turns and kinda smiles and waves then he does the...thing that made him win my heart completely. HAHA *lame but it was so cute that I really went speechless* He goes ^_^V and I was like "HOMG. *DIES*" and then he was near the door when I regained myself and was like "YOU'RE SO HOTTT!!!" HAHAHAH *so great* And thus I proclaimed he was my #1 favorite JE, SOMEONE finally BEAT RYOTAN!!!!

Then this security guard came (he's actually a fireman!) - I talked to him earlier - and I was talking to him about hahaha MATSUJUN hahah cuz I was like "did you know him before today?" and of course he said no and we started talking and then he asked me "Is he gay?" (i think that or straight?) and I was like O____O and was like "WAHHH NOOOO!!!" hahahaha Talked some more than he wished us luck on seeing him... even though we already did three times...

Then the people were setting up tables again (to give back cellphones) when I decided to ask for a poster since I came so far (I live...near the Mexico border (no joke)) and didn't get to go in and she was like "Oh yea, I'll ask for you" And I was like "Thank you so much" but of course people overheard and was like "WHAT? WHAT?" and I was like *grumble* HAHA I didn't want to say anything ~sorry~ She went and asked and said after it was done, which made me happy....

Thus the movie premiere ended and people started coming out. Everyone was on the look out for MATSUJUN and well... some girls... they started TEARING THE POSTERS FROM THE WINDOWS (well not really TEARING it, but well from my view it was T_T) and that's when Rika *the Japanese girl with us* pointed at something and I was like T___T so I went up to the same lady and asked and she was like "Yeah" and turns around and was like O____O And she was like "..." and another girl went in the back to ask and it looks like they didn't have ANYMORE and I was completely sad and I started to cry/tear and she looked really bad for me and whispered to me "You can sneak into the reception" and I was like *tearing* "I can't, I have to go home, but thank you so much" And she looked bad again for me, so she was going to ask again and I waited outside and then this Japanese guy comes towards us and asks "Who are you waiting for?" and I was like "MATSUJUN" And he looked surprised. And left then he came back and introduced himself, he's from NBC UNIVERSAL, NIPPON TV. I was like OoOoO and he asks how we knew about him and I was like "dramas, his group" and he asked what drama and I was like "..Hana...Yori...Dango..." :) and he goes "ahhh" then asks "are you into Japanese pop culture?" and I was like "yeah!" :) and he goes "Manga" and for some reason I didn't hear it and was like "..?" then he repeats and I was still like "..." and then I was like "...yeah..." but not so much anymore due to ....things that happened And then he went inside and then the lady came back and apologized that they didn't have anymore to give cuz they packed it up for future event and said I can get it from the official site, but I was ilke "But that costs money, thank you though."

#4. Then this other girl who was with us for the third sighting comes out and she was like he was about to sign it but his managers said "no" and he said "so~ry" haha *poor her, she missed piano practice for this* but she was THAT close to him still!!! I was like "wow!" Then we both got the guy who played C3PO to sign our thingys we got

Us :) * i need a name for her T_T, Diana, Rika, [ profile] poof82739, and myself (we were so tired as you can see?)

Hmm according to [ profile] suboshiyui Anthony Daniels normally doesn't give out signatures, so it was really rare, and if you do get it, you would have to pay but mine was completely FREE

goes to

Wahh!!! It's MATSUJUN OMG. Haha I'm trying to get it to look better but no such luck. But if you were there, you knew this is definitely him XD

and then...all the girls started to crowd the window and I was like "" and for some reason I was like "You guys should back off, he might get mad" and some looked at me and I was like ^^;; and i retreated XD. While the mob of girls decided to stay in the front by him, the four of us (yay us!) decided to go in the back and stuff...thus I was like soooo close to MATSUJUN I was like *what to doooo* so I went "MATSUJUN!!!" AND HE SLIGHTLY LOOKED UP AT ME AND I WAS LIKE *DEAD* Therefore, I can go home, so I tried running but it looked like they were going my way HAHAHAH I was like ^^;; PLUS my knee still hella hurt, but he turned and the girls did too. Then I introduced my parents to [ profile] poof82739 and then we were off :)

I got a text later that [ profile] poof82739, Rika, and Diana had actually FOUND where MATSUJUN was hiding!!! HAHA And like she said that they were coming out and scared them (the girls) and it looked like MATSUJUN was laughing at them XDDDD but the body guards were all telling them to move XD She then said that he gave them a "MATSUJUN smile" haha and she melted, gahhhh why jennifer!? hahaha XD If i did, I think I would have fainted and would he pick me up?

Oh man, such a great day. Even though I didn't get to see the premiere, seeing MATSUJUN 4 times was the best thing ever!!!

I kept saying that MATSUJUN was sooooo PERFECT HAHAHA and HE IS!!! I totally ♥ him.

Next month: HB!!!

Oh, I forgot to add my convo with that NBC UNIVERSAL, NIPPON TV GUY:
ME: *hesistates* MATSUJUN
ME: ... HANA... YORI... DAN...GO...
NBC: Is [HYD] popular in LA?
~i didn't hear him the first, second OR THIRD time, until [ profile] poof82739 says something to/pokes me haha
~but i don't~

*he leaves and oges inside*

then i see him again when i'm in my car and i roll down the window and go *BAI BAI!* and he turns and he looks at me and goes "AH! Bye" and waves at me HAHAHAHA
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