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Jan. 9th, 2008 08:06 pm
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Before I get to the main reason for this post...I just got something in the mail that made me scream, happy, and sad all at the same time. ARASHI will be releasing a single! HOMG. Totally getting it, unfortunately as much as I want to support them at the Oricon, I'll probably end up buying it from YesAsia because I am poor and CDJapan is so costly. I'll probably end up combining my orders so I can get THAT, NEWS's single, AND the CALENDARS at the same time to save shipping *cries at empty wallet* Wait, I can't do that. DENG IT. I used my credit card for the calendars because I'm buying [ profile] xkrism's too haha okay scratch that I'll just order the NEWS/ARASHI together. I can wait that long, can I? *sigh* HOW I HATE THEE JIMUSHO!!! BUT LOVE THE JOHNNYS YOU PRODUCE -_-" It's the old love yet hate relationship *sigh* and I guess I'll go into the main reason for this post:
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I've been saying in the past few posts and I've been thinking about that I would do a friend cut, so here it is! If you don't want to be cut, then please comment this post here! I will not be locking this post because I realized that people have added me but they can't read this because I have not added them and tell me:

1) Who you are? (if we don't talk on regular basis - because I honestly don't know alot of people on my flist)
2) Why I shouldn't cut you... (interests, etc)

That's it and probably I will keep you. just I notice some people on my f-list and I have no longer the same interests H!S! for example and just want to de-friend them, but that's kinda wrong/mean so I thought i would do this XD

I thought I will keep this up for a week then begin to weed. I understand some may not even come on livejournal as much but if I know we talk/simliar interests, I'll skip you and keep you ♥ hahaha
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